Talking with Hallie Ephron

Hallie Ephron, mystery novelist and writing teacher, is one of seven crime fiction writers who host a blog called “Jungle Red Writers,” on which they do many interesting things, including interviews of other writers.  Hallie (see her solo blog here) invited me to join her for an online interview that will post on Tuesday, June 3.

The talk is mostly about those manuscripts you’ve shoved under the bed, and how to use them.  JRW readers are invited to comment online so we can have a real-time dialogue.

I like Hallie’s description of The Book Under Her Bed:

“The blog is a kind of water cooler for talking about writers and writing, and it’s a serious business, one in which you need all the friends and collective wisdom you can gather.”

Many thanks to Hallie and the Jungle Red Writers. Please join us on Tuesday, June 3 and send in your thoughts.

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