More (and more) on Amazon/Hachette

More (and more) on amazon/hachette

How could the writer of a blog on writing not be riveted (and scared) by every development in the Amazon/Hachette war? My assumption is that you are too, so here’s more (and more).


Shelf Awareness continues its excellent coverage of the Amazon/Hachette mess:

You all know about Stephen Colbert’s weigh-in on the A/H story, right? SA covered it on Thursday, June 5: Amazon vs. Hachette: Colbert, Rowling, Connelly & More.

Here’s SA’s news of Powell’s Books, the highly respected indie bookstore in Portland OR, header Powell’s Happily Scrambled to Handle Colbert Bump. Right below that piece is another don’t-miss item: Hachette Lays Off 3% of U.S. Staff.


And one more link, to a Publishers Weekly article that’s not specifically about the war, but demonstrates what will happen if other publishers scramble to take advantage of and profit from the conflict: DeMille Moves to S&S In Major Deal.


Note to self: Buy indie. Don’t buy DeMille.



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