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At Tenafly Junior High School we had a club called Future Teachers of America. This piece in the NYT, “Read to a Tiny Baby? Yes,” ought to be the first flyer for the Future Readers of America. One great bit from the story:

Reading is a habit best formed early. A child who is read to from infancy is a child who has never known a world without books and one who associates reading with the pleasure and comfort of home.

And another:

 Read early, read often. That’s a message every parent ought to hear.

Amen to that.

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  1. “Read early, read often” … and trust that it’ll all be worth it even though your teething baby will literally chew on the books you read to her. Neither of my then-baby boys could contain his excitement when I’d put him in my lap with a book: a colorful object to slap at and chew on and throw on the floor! So began their lifelong love affair with books. At the height of their teething I used bathtub books (plastic) and activity books made of felt, but many years later I still treasure the memory of the little teeth-imprinted board books each boy eventually and joyfully let me read to him from start to finish. And, yes, they both grew up to be avid readers.

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