Girls? Did you say GIRLS?

Girls? Did you say GIRLS?

It’s going to come up again and again: the Girl Group. This is a reference to the group of women writers in the writers’ workshop I lead and teach.

I’m a product of the Women’s Movement–a time during which my friends and I would go ballistic if anyone called any of us a girl. So if the term “Girl Group” bothers you, take a breath, trust me, and please follow this link to the very first post on The Book Under Her Bed. Or read the paragraph below, taken from that post.

The Book Under Her Bed is dedicated to the members, past and present, of the Wednesday afternoon writers’ workshop, which I have always called–behind their backs–the Girl Group.  I call it that not because these wonderful women are girlish, but because they always make me think of the Motown girl groups: they have style, courage, determination, and sass.  Above all, they have voices.

Geralyn Lucas : Ali Morra-Pearlman Barbara S. Ginsberg Lynda Myles Melissa Miles Jennifer Christman Ngan Nguyen Shulman Robin Stratton Rivera


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