Read this, skip that, laugh at the other: articles about writing and reading

read this, skip that, laugh at the other: articles about writing and reading

Some good ones, some bizarre duds, some laughs…

Hit the READ THESE links to find interesting recently-published material about reading and writing. Hit the SKIP THESE links just for the amusement or surprise value, as in: You won’t believe these pieces got published. Hit the FREE LAUGHS link for a giggle.

read these

1. Does Novel Now Mean Any Book?    Ben Yagoda, Slate   •   Were you aware that Shakespeare was a novelist? High school students seem to think so. The strange evolution of the word “novel,” which is becoming an all-purpose term for “book.”

2. Confessions Of a Former ‘Sweet Valley High’ Addict    Cristina Henriquez, NPR books   •   Although you’ll deplore NPR’s sloppy copy editing (capital “O” on “Of” in a title?), you’ll be charmed by this small story of a Latina girl getting hooked on books.

3. Amazon vs. Hachette: Some Indie Sales Up, Awareness Way Up   Shelf Awareness   •   Scroll about halfway down to get to this piece, an interesting take on the A vs. H situation–from the point of view of independent bookstores.

4. Writing Is a Risky, Humiliating Endeavor   David Gordon, The New York Times   •   Read this as much for the Comments section as for the article. So many nasty people out there.

skip these

1. Dispatches From Book Leave, Part 4   Justin Peters, Slate   •   Seriously? Slate thinks adult readers are interested in following Justin’s ho-hum progress on his book? In this episode Justin discovers the concept of rewrite! And that it’s hard to write a book!  Good grief.

2. The Catholic Book Trade: Brand Loyalty for Niche Publishing   Kevin Di Camillo, Publishing Perspectives   •   This is my favorite line from the piece: “However, if a Pope is particularly a popular author, he may go with a trade publisher for a book that is not an official papal pronouncement.” Direct quote.

3. Columbia Publishing Course 2014 Super-Grad   editors of Publishing Trends   •   Look, I know this is supposed to be droll and tongue-in-cheeky, but frankly, I found it kind of creepy. Let me know what you think.

free LAUGHs!

Unpleasant Vibrators Need Not Apply    Dan Piepenbring, The Paris Review   •   Can a piece about librarians be funny? Oh, yes.


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