Inner Sanctums: Writers’ workspaces! Live! In person!

Haven’t you always wanted to see what other writers’ workspaces look like? I have, and here’s a good pageful of them.

Michael Malone, author of Handling Sin, Time’s Witness, and twelve more books, has the most spaces of any writer I know–and all delightful. You can see one of them below. Michael writes, “I’ve never worked at a desk, but always sat in a chair with an ottoman, or a sofa, or even a daybed/chaise Proustian sort of contraption.

“One change in my habits I’ve noticed over the decades: I have gotten increasingly peripatetic; at least restless. I always liked to go to hotels for a week or two while finishing up a novel. But now, as I grow older, I find myself moving from chair to chair inside the same house. It’s an effort, I suspect, to keep blood flowing down to my feet so I can walk, and up to my head so I can hear what the characters are saying.”

Please note: The photos are small on the site, but if you click on an individual shot it will magically single itself out in larger format. Enormous thanks to all these writers who shared their private spaces. To the rest of you: enjoy the show!


 FYI / Independent Bookstores from Coast to Coast

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