Do they mean us?

IMG_0299Last May, online magazine The Critical Flame: A Journal of Literature & Culture began a year during which it has been and will be dedicated to the work of “women writers and writers of color.”

Editor Daniel Evans Pritchard says, “…while The Critical Flame may not be a powerhouse of the literary world, we have yet decided to embark on a project that will help our readers, at the very least, perceive and evaluate the literary landscape differently. If there is a cycle of criticism / reviews, book sales, and publishing trends that perpetuates the unjust inequalities we’re seeing today, then CF will act in some small measure to break it.”

That sounds like a very good idea. This is the article that caught my eye: “A Reluctance to Cede Ground: Age and the Writing Life,” by Rosemary Booth. It begins as a review of A Story Larger Than My Own: Women Writers Look Back onTheir Lives and Careers, edited by Janet Burroway (University of Chicago Press), and slides interestingly into a discussion of Maxine Kumin’s work.

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