Toot, toot, chug, chug, off we go!

When you read this I’ll be on a train from NYC to Richmond, VA to visit my oldest nephew Gideon Javna  and his new fiancée Alexandra Arsura for the weekend. They are the lure, of course, but the seven-hour train trip (each way!) is not the least of the enticement. Hours and hours to write, think, write, make notes, mull new blog posts. In the Quiet Car, with any luck.

I’m hardly alone in my love of trains as venues for working…Read “The Little Writing Prize That Could,” from the NYT of September 25. This idea, initiated by Amtrak, though suggested by writer Alexander Chee, is pure genius. Don’t expect to win the train-travel prize any too soon, though: Amtrak received over 16,000 applications for twenty-four spots.



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