Drowning in a sea of modesty

drowning in a sea of modesty

This morning I said to myself, Are you really feeling that mean? Do you really want to post a snotty comment AND an excerpt? What will your readers think?

It was a hard decision, so I cut it in half: the comment is out, the excerpt is in.

Normally The Book Under Her Bed is completely one-sided about the Amazon/Hachette mess, but today I offer a link to an article on BuzzFeed, a convo between Edan Lepucki and Stephan Eirik Clark. Yes, you do too know who they are. Think Colbert.

The article doesn’t change TBUHB‘s political position, but it does make me wonder about Stephen Colbert’s…impulsiveness.

Below, a sample of Ms. Lepucki in conversation with Mr. Clark:

I still can’t believe that I went on The Colbert Report myself; for the appearance I wore a lot of makeup, my hair was curled like a poodle’s, and I could barely breathe in my Spanx undergarments. But, hey — an authoress has to lean in, right? (By the way, Stephen Colbert is very nice.) The whole thing makes me giggle. One of the greatest parts about this whole surreal turn of events is that I had the chance to read your book, Stephan, and recommend it on national television! I got to be a reader again. And we got to email, and share our joys and insecurities, and just, you know, be writers together…

Now that my book is a best-seller… what do I feel? Of course I am delighted and grateful and flummoxed. I mean — seriously? That just doesn’t happen for unknown writers of literary fiction! 

(And not to be all cheesy, there’s also this: No matter what happened to my book, I felt like a success long before my publication date, back when my family read California. Their excitement magnified my own, and allowed me to be proud and satisfied with what I’d worked hard for. I did it! I am a novelist!)


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