Good NEWS: wordplay for New Year’s Day

2 0 1 5

is promising.

BUT don’t wait for good news—

find your own good news. 

NEW work

NEW job

NEW deal

NEW music

NEW dances

NEW movies

NEW York 

NEW Yorker

NEW Mexico

 NEW Jersey

NEW Zealand (could be interesting)

NOO ners (if you’re into that sort of thing)

NEW borns (if you’re into nooners)

NEW puppy (if you’re not into babies)

NEW kids on the block

NOO dles

NEW spapers

NEW sletters

NEW s flashes (the positive kind)

NEW s briefs (the briefer the better)

NEW briefs

NU dists (well, why not?)

NEW moon

NEW lyweds

NEW clothes

NU ances

NEW England

NEW Orleans

NEW port Jazz Festival 

NEW books (of course)

NU trients (for mind and body)

NEW experiences

and NEW friends

But don’t forget the old ones…

The Book Under Her Bed

wishes you joy in 2015.

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