Dear BUHB: the advice column

Top news story: Novelist Haruki Murakami is going to “offer words of wisdom to troubled readers in an advice column on his website,” says an article in Japan Times.

On occasion, writing these blog posts has had a little bit of that “advice column” quality. But to be given actual permission to straight-out give advice? Wow. A fantasy come true for a person with a lot of opinions.

Dear Book Under Her Bed—My husband and kids don’t take my writing seriously. What should I do? Yours in perplexity, Budding Writer

Dear Budding: Sorry to say you’re not alone. I hear this all the time, and it’s a tough nut to crack. I recommend that you move out immediately. Enough of that wife-and-mom nonsense—let them get their own dinners. Strike out on your own! Be the writer you always wanted to be!

Dear BUHB—My mystery novel keeps getting rejected by agents, so I can’t get a foot in the door at any of the Big 5 publishers. Should I self-publish? All best, Ambitious

Dear Ambitious: Super idea! Join the hundreds of thousands of self-published authors out there and learn what it’s like to become one of the gang. It’ll be so easy and it won’t cost much either and then that big book marketer—what’s it called? can’t remember—will turn it into an obscure e-book and your career will be made. Best of luck!

Dear Book U.H.B.—I have this great idea for a novel, but I work 85 hours per week and I don’t have time to actually write it. If I could find someone to write it for me I’d be happy to share the profits! How do I find that person? Sincerely, Confused

Dear Confused: I know how you feel. I have a great idea for a novel too, and all it needs is writing. All that money to be made, just going to waste because I haven’t found someone to write the book for me. Wish I could help, but let me know if you find that perfect person to do the work. 

Dear Book/Bed Lady—I’ve heard that every writer kneads editting but I don’t think that could be correct. Some writers (like I) have so much natural talent. They do not require outside help to get there books into shape for publishing. Do you agree? Yours truly, Naturally Talented

Dear Nat: Totally.


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  1. You nailed it again, Lorrie… But I think there’s another solution. Calling yourself a writer but never actually writing. That way you get to keep your family happy, and use your time on more productive pursuits, like meeting friends for lunch and getting your taxes done. But you’ll have the writer’s cache because who knows for sure?

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